Love Match

Do this test and see which Backstreet Boy matches the best with you.

1. When you can grab a spare moment, you like to:
A) Do some shopping at the mall, then catch a movie.
B) Play every single video game you can get your hands on.
C) Shoot some hoops and/or get exercise in any way you can think of.
D) Lift weights and brush up your water sports skills.
E) Toss the 'old pigskin' around, then catch a few waves.

2. Your idea of a perfect meal is:
A) Fast food: going to MacDonalds and get some burgers and fries.
B) The Italian approach: a large pizza topped with the works and shared with your best buds.
C) The ol' family meal: macaroni and cheese, homemade the old-fashioned way
D) Chinese takeout: chicken fried rice, two egg rolls and a fortune cookie.
E) Fiesta!: a couple tacos, maybe some bean and cheese burritos and of course the chips and salsa.

3. The movie you went to the theater ten times to see, rented a dozen more times and finally ended up buying was:
A) Pulp Fiction
B) Aliens
C) School Ties
D) Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
E) Top Gun

4. If you could choose any one instrument to play (or you already play one), it would be:
A) Saxophone
B) Drums
C) Trumpet
D) Guitar
E) Piano

5. Heightwise, you like a guy to be:
A) Just above average
B) Lean and long-limbed
C) Short and sweet
D) Absolutely average
E) Tall and terrific

6. What you are attracted to in a guy:
A) A funloving, outgoing hunky ham!
B) A thoughtful, funny, finelooking dude!
C) An active, happy, sporty stud!
D) A romantic homebody whose first priority is to please others.
E) A quiet, reflecting, sensitive music lover.

7. The closest description to you:
A) Long-haired, long nailed, cheerful, humorous and relaxed.
B) Sweet, owner of a good heart and not a big fan of make-up.
C) Intelligent, ambitious, athletic and trustworthy.
D) Open, a communicator, easygoing and a lover of life.
E) Casual about clothes, but serius about life and relationships.

8. Your idea of 'a perfect date' is:
A) First catching the latest Dustin Hoffman flick, then shooting some pool.
B) Taking a motorboat ride, fishing and reading poetry.
C) Going on a long walk on the beach and watching the sun go down.
D) A long conversation over a candlelit dinner.
E) Shooting hoops and then sitting down at the piano to play and write music.

9. You most like:
A) Purple clothing and members of the opposite sex!
B) Beavis and Butt-head and Nirvana music.
C) Boyz II Men and cats.
D) Dancing and math
E) The color blue and being left alone.

10. You pet peeve:

A) People who take things too serious.
B) Algebra
C) Heights
D) Dishonesty
E) Discomfort

Now go here for the result of the test!