Name: Kevin Scott Richardson

Born: October 3,1972 in Lexington , Kentucky USA (Libra)

Nicknames:: Kev, Train, Mr.Body Beautiful,Pumpkin,Boo

Sibilings: 2 older brothers, Gerald and Tim

Fave color: royal blue

Fave food: Mexican and Chinese

Pets: A black cat named "Quincy"

Musical Insruments: Piano and Keyboards

Fave School Subject: Music

Fave Music: Biily Joel, The Eagles,Elton John,Prince,R.Kelly,Babyface, most classic and some soul.

Fave Movie: Shawshank Redemption and Top Gun

Fave Movie Star: Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

Fave TV Show: Rosanne

Fave Book: Interview With the Vampire

Fave Cologne: XS by Paco Rabanne

Fave Sports: Rugby, horse back riding

He likes: Dancing , keeping fit, music, writing songs, Kevin also likes to surf and he's a qualified ballroom dancer

Ideal Girl: Kevin says he would need a Girlfriend who would realize how shy he is, he admits this causes problems, sometimes he thinks too much about what he's going to say, or what they think. He likes the idea of a girl who dresses sensuous, and at times sexy, but not trashy and bimboish;Someone who is intelligent and who has a nice smile . Kevin would like to settle down in the future and have a family!!

Kevin's Bio

Kevin is tall dark and mysterious, he has dark brown hair, and,gorgeous green eyes. Kevin is the eldest of all the BSB and often poses as the older brother, he enjoys it though!!!

Kevins Dad died about eight years ago. Kevin use to live in Kentucky with his two brothers. He had a make believe pal named pixie. As a teenager , Kevin worked in Disney World as a Ninja Turtle and Aladdin!!

As for his Love Life..... Kevin was once engaged to a girl named Beth, but he called off the marriage cause he felt he was much to young to be married.