Name: Brian Litrell

Birth Date: Feb. 20, 1975 (Pisces)

Nickname: B-Rok (because he rocks at basketball)

Fave Food: Macarroni & Cheese

Fave Color: Midnight Blue

Fave Movie: Star Wars

Hobbies: basketball, weight-lighting, listening to music

Pet: Cat named "Missy"

Fave Cologne: Safari

His Ideal Girl: Someone with beautiful eyes & very goal-oriented. Someone who can appreciate his sense of humour, yet can be serious at the same time.

Is said by the group most likely to get married first.

Brian's Bio

Brian has the sort of 'angel voice' that all of us love. Strangely enough, he's never had a singing lesson in his life. Before joining the Backstreet Boys in 1992, Brian performed in churches and sang in choirs.

At age five, the doctors found out that he was born with a whole in his heart. It was a life-threatening situation and doctors had little hope that Brian would survive.

But a miracle happened--Brian did survive. He started to heal and have had five heart surgeries so far!! He believes that God saved him and now he's here to share his wonderful voice with us.